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I’m no great personality or well known around, my words wouldn’t matter much but I would really like to say that to you….no not you readers…I am talking about WordPress!

Take it from me….you are doing a great job. Giving us a platform to voice our thoughts and let it be heard among all. Otherwise who would care for us…naïve, unassuming, crackpot writers who can write about anything from astrology to astronomy!

My apologies but still I would like to be called a writer…at least for the time being. Only a writer can understand the liberty of thought that it needs and the relief of a lifetime when it is released through his writings inked on paper. It’s a moment of glory to publish your note that once was a baby in your mind.You WordPress are making me a superstar in my own right and if not me at least my posts are a winner all the way.

It’s my launch pad to freedom and expression. WordPress..you can take a bow;)