Good Morning!


The slithery moonlight shined like snowflakes on oak trees while owls and bats perched upside down getting an overview. The trees dangled in their overgrown shadows and their wide cushioned leaves some green and fewer pale yellow shivered as a quiet breeze blew occasionally. The moonlit charismatic night wandered in its loneliness in the dense woods as if asking for a nap. Trees, shrubs, birds and bugs all murmuring in the dark dainty hours of the night.

But as the hours crawled by and the fireflies and bats began to fade away after a hard night at work, the light began to replace the hush darkness.

The buds leaned towards the light and opened up to soak the freshness. Dew drops dozed and dripped along the curvy leaves as if wetting the shy flowers. The bugs and crawlers skidded to hide in the ground before the bright light captured them. Birds chirped and squeaked and fluttered and tweeted till they all did it together and the symphony became a cacophony of mixed voices.

The red yellow orange melody in the sky looked like a painter’s palette where rays of light intertwined and started reflecting …spread out like ether everywhere. The rays peeking in through branches of eucalyptus high and low winded like a geometrical hexagon. The golden layer is overcasting everything else.

Sun has risen in the sky. Good morning!


Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

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