The cult landscape

The picturesque cult landscape

This is a place sure not far from here where their is a small cottage house amidst the green carpeted grass spread high and low carefully and sometimes carelessly maneuvering behind the slopes.

A house of woods and bricks restored with moments and love carefully plated in the front view. Overlooking the patio is a garden of white lilies shinning like lights in the night and honey dew daisies big and small smiling in the morning. The landscape view glazed with nature and mist. A big dainty forest garden behind the cottage where wild herbs and shrubs dance and doze in the warm sun and the fireflies attend the nigh chorus in symphony.

Anybody could guess that the double storied detached house with thatched roof had enjoyed a pleasant life in the past. It must have grabbed attention of the connossuiers while browsing along the country side. It had a prominently featured chimney basking in the light opening towards the north sky. Still a grey charcoal layer covered its surface discoloring the red bricks.

In the backyard, there is a wooden log melting in the sun since years and soaking the rain too. It has small mushrooms at its edges while snails and ladybugs sneak sometimes playing peek-a-boo with the daylight.

A sailboat is bobbing up and down in a water lake nearby but it’s been tied so it can’t sail away. The lake is jammed with water lilies, green algae and hyacinth and toads croak at night in amplified sounds. The crickets in the grass jingle along.

Sometimes a small cute English girl with golden fluffy hair suited in her flowery pants and shiny ribbons comes to play with the fluttery butterflies in the porch. It has small wild yellow button flowers spread in a thin layer across the path reaching up to the stairs and the main door.

When the moon and night sky dawns upon the place, the silvery light paints everything, the typical wild aromas fill up the air and the light shiver of the night linger on till the very next morning. Rosemary and mint aromas whirling, the water gushing and bugs wriggling always plays in the background.


Published by Daisy

I write whenever ideas crunch and overwhelme me! It's my reaction outpour.

3 thoughts on “The cult landscape

  1. Daisy! You have amazed me… You write so well… i must rather say it makes me feel as if i have been & done tbat!!!! I simply have no words to express my appreciation! Wooaaahhhh!!!


  2. Daisy! You have amazed me… You write so well… i must rather say it makes me feel as if i have been there& done that!!!! I simply have no words to express my appreciation! Wooaaahhhh!!

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