Manchester in a warmer world-A short story

Manchester in a warmer world

Life was not easy after the disaster struck. There had been atomic bombings on the city and it had terrorized the life to the core. People craved, famished, torn and bled for food, water and shelter. The task forces had rescued the lives but the aftereffects were blossoming. The north west of England was the worst hit and the city which once was, the metropolitan buzzing city of Manchester was now a warehouse of skulls bleeding with pain. It was a terrorist activity and the spy agents had malicious interests still fluttering. The city which boasted of the ancient architecture, high skyline, large busy airports, oldest railway networks and throbbing economy now had lives succumbing to the pressures of fear and death. Not only life, property and money were harmed but the confidence to live was killed and an eerier feeling was discharged in the air. There was Loneliness, aimless ambiguousness wandering for life, children crying long and lost, fumes and debris and police and ambulance sirens crying above the din.

People had never witnessed anything so threatening and Manchester coped hard to survive the pain and tragesy.It was full of loss, jeopardy, tears and agony for all who had suffered irreparable damages and hope and prayers for all who had survived. All scattered and rotting under the bright sunny summer of Manchester. The mancs are rather romantic at heart with music and performing arts brimming to the core of their lives, but now had a life thrown out of gear.

Mary lost her family in the bombings. She was a manc always eluded by the mysticism of music and royal orchestra groups. Her father was a textile merchant always on the run. The textile revolution in the place had accentuated the business. After graduating from the university, Mary strived hard to enter the hale choir with the orchestra and finally found a place in it. She had a haughty hunger for good music and harmony ran through her blood throbbing in her veins. It was in the spring of the season that autumn struck and left her lifeless. In a minute everything sublimed to death and left a wagging tail of sufferings and sad stories.

Another survivor was James who worked as a staff in the Manchester United team-the once richest football team in the world. He was a supervisor for the under 21’s team and a native from the land. He was a fitness coach and an enthusiast throughout the season.

James too lost all hope, harmony and family in the ill minded season and now loneliness and pain hounded him. It’s strange what danger and disaster can do to us. They can bring our ugliest fears to the front and and ruin us like a living skeleton. The bombings turned into a mushroomed cloud of gases and toxins flooded lungs with poison. There was smog in the air and breath was like a stuffed cotton ball in your diaphragms. Shouts, pangs of pain, helplessness grounded itself all around and a melancholy mood was spread like ether everywhere.

James and Mary met in a rescue camp and the common pain of loss binded them. Though the harm was tenacious and refused to die down, but the city strived hard to recuperate. Maybe the common sentiments, verve didn’t let it go and the city tried to catch the lost breath with a throbbing red heart. These sentiments made Manchester what it is.

Love is god, truth, universal and healing. Time passed by and, James and Mary met and interacted and it was more than loss that they wanted to share. Love, music, recreation have detoxification effects on life and intoxicate you for an even larger craving. Although James was already married and divorced and Mary tried to avoid the intimacy but the juvenile strength caught in and in a music concert, which they visited together, after many days, at the Bridgewater hall, the two confessed the tender feelings for each other. The concert hall was spared the damage and the Mancs used the art as a therapy.

James was a master at his work and had a fine taste for the sport. Following the crisis, cost cutting and layoffs in the orchestra, the duo decided to get engaged and manage the dynamics well. Love plastered the pain and provided a reason to live. Manchester faced seasonal backlogs, job crisis, financial instability, low business interest and lowered economy as the end results but also the never say die spirit rose as a silver lining. All happened well and love further blossomed in the spring summer of Manchester.

Love and marriage was not expected soon for obvious reasons but once love gets predominant, everything else fades in the background.

This disaster made Manchester the real hotspot. Love healed, hope recalled, health revisited and harmony re-engaged all. Calling it just an emotion would be an understatement.

Manchester even in the warmer world made itself stand apart. The city buzzed again in the center square with Halle choir, the Manchester united football team, the rising gay populace, the oldest railway platforms, the happy summer hotspots, exciting nightlife, fresh sparkling park, gardens and open spaces, the red brick contemporary architecture, biggest football museums where the game is the muse, world’s richest football team,skyscapers to light weight trams, thriving music arenas to performing opera houses, from enlightening love stories of Mary-James to long lost sublime tragedies, the frosty winters to soft snowfalls to shining warm summers ,all recall a story called –Manchester rising to the zenith.

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