Going places!!

Going places!! Today being 14th february, i am bound to think about love..though surreal because the real one can only be felt not described. But this overwhelming emotion has a wide frequency and wavelength coz it surpasses all other thoughts and necessities. It wanders away my mind and I get all mushied up with my dreamy romances and fancies. But at the core is another thinking mind which provokes some series of thoughts about life and living. As I have been moving around and meeting people, my grey matter does knock to awaken me up… there’s so much to grasp and reflect. Changing demographies,culture and races of people,languages..their experimented looks and warm smiles. Foreign lands are amazing places to be..you get to discover so much and rediscover yourself within the sojourn. Big fancy people smiling and greeting, dressed uo..some as authentic divas and others as philanthrophers…ramming the streets walking on a bright sunny shinning day. Their varied languages Spanish,Arabic,English,French or multi cuisine food :street food or chef’s special gourmet cooking do give a dash flavor of their customs and creed. I love watching their hairstyles /;men and women some times similar and sometimes whacky! but the hair always has a shiny texture possibly due to the extensive use of misty hair sprays and creams or just their green leafy diets which throb their hemoglobin red. I am amazed at how they eat …yeah the capacity also but the raw tastes and colors are more to be thought about! A salad bowl so big that a whole indian family can gorge on it in the meal. It might have a raw tuna or a partially baked chicken breast in it carelessly dressed with green veggies and leafs! I almost puked at the color and smell of chicken sandwiches in a local eat outlet..it looked fleshy and uncooked retaining the texture. The boiled eggs are served chilled and burgers are also sold as freezer fresh! Coffee and tea on the go in kingsize cups can exorbitantly evaporate your hunger for the rest of the day. Eating raw or boiled or baked food or eating as fresh as from a garden is the basic ideology that underlines all their eating habits and menu. Everything is big from mosquitoes to plants and our home grown and revered tulsi mata is the fresh basil here used like cilantro for final garnish and flavor. Work is as good as play here. Stress and pressure is undermined and spirits rise high above all. Work is about passion but time bound and life is believed to be more about enjoyment than sulking. Most of the household work is DIY stuff and the flair for repair work is rampant . On any given weekend when shoppers flock the high street , everyone is always dresses exquisite and graciously. Good looks and dressing sense is a by product of their lifestyle..i guess. Goodness gracious! But the people are as warm as the morning sun…bright and soothing. Social cultures, beliefs,livelihood,standards, living ideologies, pedigree, ancient dogma,societal norms vary but they are righteous in their own ways. Progressing leaps and bounds socially,politically,culturally,economically and internationally dissolving physical boundaries. Should we change if we stay abroad or just stick to the original learnings. Does’nt this outward western lifestyle affect us and we also diligently change colors to mingle in. We are humans, gregarious by nature who demand acceptance within a crowd to feel secure….thinking hard I believe it depends on the priorities and acceptance theory of each person. We do change in thoughts,lifestyle and evolve for better provided we are proud of our roots and pedigree. Nothing is right or wrong ..to each his own! But talking about the options, in todays times with the economic boom and global partnerships, all the countries have evolved and nourished themselves and extended helping hands towards each other dissolving all differences. In this global exchange of minds matter and money..everyone is a winner..including me and you;) We Indians carry our pedigree forward and we too and should be proud of our roots. But why do we become victim of our own age old ideologies which are hollow and useless. Westners are good in their own ways and we in our own…comparisons might not be suitable and legitimate but reaching higher avenues is. With that global vision and mystique quest to explore, we are already making a mark everywhere. Opportunities galore and unlimited possibilities are turning heads everyday around us..just look up and the west is smiling to welcome the east.


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